For a complete guide on how to get the most out of your Digital TV, you can download the Digital TV User’s Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. However we are currently looking at bringing in a set top box that will have two remotes, connecting TV using existing COAX and controller wireless from the Set Top Box, which will allow you to watch two different TV shows.

327 is the Community Channel

347 is CTV Timmins

397 is the Local Weather Channel

You must push the STB button under the blue power button.

First make sure the STB is powered on and you must also make sure that the TV is on the proper input or source.

No. Our prices are not promotional or introductory prices. We strive to maintain consistent pricing.

We are currently working on getting in town customers installed with CochraneTel Digital TV. The rural areas are not forgotten, we are looking to expand into the rural areas in the near future.

You must make sure that the volume on your TV is also turned up, please use your remote control that came with your TV.

The Pause Live TV feature can be done on the DVR set-top box.

Not at the moment, we are looking into this.

Not at the moment, we are looking into this.

Not at the moment, we are looking into this.

No, however our set top boxes do require HDMI ports and older televisions are not always equipped with these ports.

Yes you can, however there is a reconnect fee.

These channels are standard, even with satellite TV.

While watching a show, you can record two shows at once OR if you are watching a pre-recorded show, you can record three shows at once.

Record over 400 hrs in standard definition (SD) or over 200 hrs in high definition (HD).

You will be required to return all equipment to the Cochrane Telecom Services office. This equipment includes all Set Top Boxes and/or DVRs, remote controls for the boxes, power cables and HDMI cables.

Yes. If you wish to change a theme pack or triple-play bundle simply advise us of your desired change and we will make it happen in a timely manner.