Residential Telephone Services

CochraneTel offers a traditional landline right to your house. Landlines are more reliable because they aren’t powered with the same electricity as your house. So even when the power or Internet goes out or is interrupted, you will still have phone access.

Landlines generally provide outstanding sound quality. Whether you’re communicating with a family member, a new client or conferencing with your international team, voice clarity and dependability are vital.

Landlines offer a variety of features, such as Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Blocking, Call Waiting, Three-way Calling, Voicemail, and of course domestic as well as international calling. Landline packages come with a range of offerings.

Basic Telephone

Reliable landline phone

Outstanding sound quality

Unlimited local calls


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Bundle & Save

Need Telephone + Internet and/or Digital TV? We offer bundled packages to help you stay connected.

Telephone Features

CochraneTel offers a variety of telephone features which are assigned to your telephone line. These features are compatible with many different telephones. You can add and remove features on your telephone to reflect your specific needs.

Some features may appear as feature keys on your telephone set. Please refer to your telephone’s user guide for more information on how to operate telephone features assigned to your set.

If you have any questions about features, you can contact our main office for more information.

Alerts you with a visual and audio notification during a telephone conversation that another call is waiting to be answered.

Voicemail to Email, giving you access to your voicemail messages through any computer with internet.

Find Me Follow Me syncs all your numbers together! Calls can be programmed to ring a list of numbers one at a time or all at once.

Alerts you with a beep during a telephone conversation that another call is waiting to be answered.

Allows you to cancel Call Waiting before or during a telephone call.

Allows you to direct all calls to another telephone number.

Allows you to add a third party to an existing telephone conversation.

Allows you to call selected telephone numbers quickly by dialing an assigned code.

Allows you to prevent incoming calls from ringing at your station. Only callers who have your Personal Identification Number (PIN) can override the Do Not Disturb feature and ring your telephone.

Also known as “Teen Service”. This allows you to have up to three telephone numbers with unique ringing patterns (and unique Call Waiting tones if you have the Call Waiting feature).

Allows you to call a pre-designated number or emergency service by simply lifting the handset.

Allows you to program your telephone to call at a designated time.

Also known as “Callback”. Allows you to dial a code to have your phone continuously attempt to redial a busy number that you tried to call. When the line is free, you will be alerted with a special ringing and a call will automatically be made. You can also use Repeat Dialing to redial the last number you called.

Also known as “Recall”. Allows you to dial a code and have a call automatically returned to the last party who called or attempted to call you.

Also known as “Distinctive Ringing”. Allows you to program your telephone line to ring with a special ringing pattern whenever you are called from a select list of phone numbers. Your phone will ring with a normal ringing pattern for all other calling numbers. If you also have Call Waiting, you will hear a distinctive Call Waiting tone whenever someone on your list calls you while you are on the phone.

Allows you to create a list of phone numbers that are to be forwarded when they call you. When you activate this service, and a call arrives from a phone number that is on your list, the call is forwarded. All other calls will ring your phone in the normal fashion.

Allows you to create a list of phone numbers from which you do not wish to receive calls. Calls from phone numbers on your list are sent to an announcement that informs the caller that you are not receiving calls at this time. This feature is also known as “Selective Call Rejection”.

Allows you to screen incoming calls by creating a list of phone numbers from which you are willing to accept calls. Calls from phone number not contained on your list are sent to an announcement that inform the caller that you are not receiving calls at this time.

Also known as “Call Display”. Let you see the calling party’s phone number before answering a call. A special display device located on or next to your phone is required to allow you to view the calling number. If Caller ID is combined with Call Waiting, when you receive a “beep” that another call is coming in, the incoming caller’s telephone number will be displayed.

Allows you to block your number on other telephones with the Caller ID feature.

Allows you to regulate long distance calling with the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Allows you to automatically request a trace of obscene, threatening or harassing calls. Calls must be documented (time and date). Call Trace information is only released to the police.