Less Hours, Not Less Service

Date: March 19th, 2019

CochraneTel has recently reduced its hours open to the public. With the technological advances experienced in the last 10 years, this action comes as no surprise and follows the practice of many other utilities.

“We are seeing more and more online payments,” noted General Manager John O’Farrell. The trend is showing that most utility payments are now done electronically, and it takes time to process these payments. There will also be new methods of payments available in the near future, such as a “pay now” app, additional financial institution options as well as credit card payments.  Even the billing has begun to migrate towards electronic mail, furthering CochraneTel’s goal to become more environmentally responsible and reducing its carbon footprint.

“We have entered a paperless stage”, added O’Farrell, “with fewer and fewer paper transactions”. CochraneTel currently supports bank payments from CIBC, Desjardins and Bank of Nova Scotia, and will be adding BMO, HSBC, TD and RBC. CochraneTel encourages customers to advise of any missing financial institutions to ensure service for everyone.

Although the hours open to the public have now been reduced from 10 am to 2 pm, staff are available to take calls during our new business hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, and technicians are still working diligently to deliver the best internet and digital television service in the area.

“We understand that this is a transition period for our customers, however the extra time is needed to process all the electronic payments,” Office Manager Roxanne DesRoches further explained. She added that Customer Service Representatives are available by phone throughout the day.

CochraneTel is one of the few remaining municipally-owned telecommunications company in the province. Any dividends go directly to the Town, to support local endeavours. Over the years, CochraneTel has provided over $6 million dollars to the Town.